Find on this page music from the Ts’epe Tape Vol. 1 by D2AMAJOE. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Below are download links for mobile browsers:

NB: (M) represents Mobile browser download link. (D) for Desktop browser.

Nka Kena – D2AMAJOE feat Ifani and Red Button (Prod by Cymtom): M | D

O ke ke oa nthola – Sethuamajoe T.I.E.H.O (Prod by Bone): M | D

Mathata – Sethuamajoe ‘Mapule ( Prod by Iron Beats ): M | D

Beautiful World – D2AMAJOE ( Sampled by Ang Ca Dj) : D | M

Summer Day – D2AMAJOE [Tieho,Lakzen & ‘Mapule] (Prod by Bone) : M | D

In The Mood – D2AMAJOE Kulax & Kommanda Obbs (Prod by Mictacula) : M | D

E Tlamme – D2AMAJOE (Prod by The Kritik) : M | D

Malibuseng – Sethuamajoe Lakzen (Prod by Cymtom) : M | D

Ke Nkheekhe – Sethuamajoe Qhobela ( Prod by Nutz ) ( Prod by Nutz ) : M | D

Ts’epe Anthem – D2AMAJOE. ( Prod by The Kritik) : M | D

Final mix and mastering for all the tracks to be done on the official compilation.